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From: Dirty!
Video Description: Deerhuntin’: As hunters, Max Sinclair and Tony Aziz turn out to be pretty lame. They ditch their rifles and attack what they’ve really been targetting: each other. Hunky Max strips down, looking desirable and tasty, like easy prey caught in the crosshairs. Tony is so ravenous he jumps all over his buddy, sucking his sausage down his throat. Then it’s Max’s turn to gobble up Tony’s beefstick. He sucks on it hungrily before he starts eating out his hairy ass. It’s tit for tat as Tony returns the favor and starts rooting around Max’s hole like a wild pig digging for truffles. But all that feasting is just a prelude to the buttfucking to come. Max rams his cock up Tony’s ass and drills him. Then Tony has a go at Max, screwing him harder and faster until they both shoot their loads.