Andrew Justice

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Video Description: Andrew Justice is hot! Just look at him, sitting there half naked and sultry, slyly seductive and oh so appetizing. We watch him with eager anticipation. He's come today to do a solo which he explains as him just having fun with himself. He pulls his cock out and starts to masturbate. It is long, thick and quite a handful. He works his meat over vigorously, his eyes closed, his breathing heavy -- nonstop pleasing, pleasurable action. Then he sheds his trousers, his thick thighs and legs providing more fantasy terrain for us to get lost in. He diddles with his asshole, drawing us farther into his trance, then he starts pumping his hand up and down the shaft of his cock faster and faster until he finally explodes and blasts gobs of cream across his hairy belly. The sight of that creamy jizz dotting his fuzzy crotch is hearty evidence that Justice is served!


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