Christopher Ashlee Fucks Blaine Hardy

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Video Description: The scrumptious Christopher Ashlee and Blaine Hardy, the perfect holster to his hot pistol, team up to put on quite a show for us this week, folks. Individually, they’re both attractive. As a couple, they’re hot. Blaine’s smooth white skin compliments Christopher’s dark coloring and when he wraps his lips around and goes all the way down on his boyfriend’s licorice stick ... Wow! It’s a mouthful! And the image of Christopher’s head bouncing up and down over Blaine's crotch as he nurses on his cock is just as thrilling. His cheeks hollow out as he sucks it hard. Christopher then attacks Blaine’s asshole – fingering, rimming and finally pumping his dick inside to fuck it real hard. Blaine moans and sighs, his toes curling and tensed-up until he lets go and shoots his load. Then Christopher jerks himself off while nestled in his lover’s arms. He climaxes and cums with his white spooge dotting his dark belly.