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From: Rusty
Catégories Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: Rusty is here to deliver the goods. Getting looks from both guys and gals has pumped up his confidence and he knows they'd like to see what he's got. What's even better is that he's curious to perform for an audience. He quickly strips - tight, trim body, nicely muscled with tattooed kisses planted on his belly to compliment his perfect sixpack. He works his cock over, then lays back, spreads his legs apart to stretch his asshole wide. He finger-fucks himself, then grabs his pole again, stroking it hard and fast, finally ending with an explosive release. He's had a great time and would love to come back and do it again, sure that his friends would give him props and say, 'Dude, that's cool'. And he is!


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