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From: Paul
Video Description: Paul is here from Los Angeles to have some fun. This will be his first solo jack-off on camera and he's pretty stoked about it. He's a very sexual guy, not nervous at all. 'It's gonna be fun. And Shhhh!, no one knows. It's a secret, so don't tell anybody'. He's smug and his cockiness is infectious as he disrobes. He begins to play with his cock and balls getting himself stiff and hard. He works himself into a tizzy, first laying back on the couch, then getting up, kneeling with his ass up in the air, then back down. He is restless and we sense the tension. He's a volcano ready to explode, all this energy coursing through his veins until he's ready to burst. He shoots and all is well as he continues to squeeze every drop of juice out of his pisshole. He's had a great time and hopes he can come back for more. We agree!


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