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From: Sprung
Video Description: Having successfully escaped prison, Addison Scott and Caesar stop at Matt Skyler and Cameron Fox's home, pretending to be injured hikers. Cameron ushers Caesar off to show him his quarters while Addison corners Matt in another room. The muscled thug subjects Matt to an intense session of rough-housing and sexual indignities. As it turns out, Matt is receptive to all this brutal punishment. He willingly submits to all of Addison's demands. Matt complies with every order the mean fugitive barks out - sucking his hard, thick prick, spreading his asshole wide for ficking, getting slapped and spat upon. Addison gags Matt, slides his fingers up the blond's ass, rfims him a bit, then plows him hard and fast until he finally unloads, spraying his load all over mat. Soaked in spunk, Matt strokes himself off and adds to the hot sticky mess.