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Catégories Anal Sex, jockstraps, oral sex
Video Description: It's one of those lazy nights. Dave Russell finds himself lying in bed - stroking himself slowly and deliberately. He chews his buddy Kyle Hunter's jockstrap and savors the musky smell. Kyle enters the room and interrupts Dave's dreamland. Kyle demands that Dave eat his sweet hole and his buddy happily complies. Tongues swab balls, cocks fuck throats and fingers explore and loosen assholes. Dave then plows Kyle's primed ass and screws him hard, as Kyle cries out, 'Fuck it, boy!' With Kyle on his back, Dave continues to pump him harder with his engorged dick. Kyle strokes himself to climax and shoots all over his rippled abs. Dave cums just as ferociously. Spent and satisfied, the two fall into each other's arms and kiss.