Snap Shot

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Video Description: Gavin Waters and Adam Killian tear into each other like wild dogs, kissing and grabbing in an aggressively playful manner. Then Gavin opens wide to swallow and savor Adam's stiff cock. They find a sofa to nest in and Adam starts nursing on Gavin's uncut cock. Then he munches his friend's pink butthole, licking it clean with spit. Adam upends Gavin so the blond stud's butt is smack in his face and he resumes rimming. Even upside down, Gavin can lean in and suck his assailant's cock. Wanting more, the tattooed stud screws Gavin up the ass. He continues pumping hard, even as Gavin manages to cram a dildo up his ass. The men work up a sweat as Gavin rides Adam's cock until he finally busts his nut. Then he lovingly and orally facilitates his man's explosive follow-up.