Winner's Way

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Winner's Way - Director's Cut

Winner's Way : Tom Cline

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En vedette Tom Cline
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Rating : 6 out of 10

Winner's Way: Tom Cline, No. 77 at center position in 'Winner's Circle' proves he's a real winner in this scorching new Falcon Film. He teams up with a hot stud and a set of toys for a bout of unbelievable 'No Time Out' sex. These two handsome studs heat each other up through every pace young men can put each other. Tom first forces every inch of a foot long dildo down his buddy's throat, then straps a black leather harness on him which forces a 13' long by 3' wide dildo up his ass and holds it tightly in place. Tom's buddy, while impaled on the leather dilldo, begins to work on Tom's athletic ass with the foot long rubber dildo. Tom's muscular ass quivers and begins to respond as his buddy literally pounds the huge dildo deeper into his ass; his fist a blur as he pounds it deeper and deeper. Tom begs for more and is rewarded with his buddy's fist. Finally he takes two hands. Two huge gushing loads climax this unbelievably spellbinding sexual experience.

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