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Tom Wolfe Fucks Angelo Marconi Dvd Cover

Tom Wolfe Fucks Angelo Marconi

En vedette Angelo Marconi, Tom Wolfe

Catégories Anal Sex, Butts, Cum shots, foreskin, Poilu, Masturbation, Oral sex, Lechage d'anus, Tattoos, Underwear

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  • 7/10

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Businessman Tom Wolfe has cleared his calendar for a morning tryst with hunky associate Angelo Marconi. The two get down to business with Angelo nibbling Tom’s tits and kissing his hairy torso. He then reaches inside the big guy’s trousers to free his cock and sucks it all the way down, almost gagging on its enormity. Before long, Tom is greedily rimming Angelo’s hot tight hole, his tongue digging deep inside the crack. Having primed and prepped it sufficiently, Tom is up for a bigger merger and he fucks Angelo’s ass, working his thick cock in faster and harder with every forceful thrust. Begging for more, Angelo climbs aboard and rides his colleague’s tool. They twist into different positions and continue screwing until Angelo blasts his load across his abs. Tom withdraws and seals the deal shooting his load up across his exhausted partner’s pecs.