The Coach's Boys

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The Coach's Boys

The Coach's Boys : Scott Davis, Kevin Kramer, Scott Hardman, Tanner Reeves

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  • Longueur : 17:13 min |
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Rating : 7 out of 10

(Scene 2a)Tanner Reeves, Scott Davis and Kevin Kramer hit the showers and it isn't long before each man has settled into a soapy session of masculine play. As the threesome devote themselves to pleasure, the coach observes unseen in the doorway, stroking his thick cock and loving the view. When Scott and Kevin have spilled their loads, the coach interrupts...ordering everyone but Tanner to leave.(Scene 2b) Alone with this muscled player, Coach Scott Hardman feverishly settles in to give player Tanner Reeves a lesson in wide receiving. The two jocks lose themselves in a fury of fucking.

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