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Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed : Edin Sol, Paddy O'Brian

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  • Cote : 9 out of 10
En vedette Edin Sol, Paddy O'Brian
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Rating : 9 out of 10

Edin Sol relaxes in the sultry sunshine by the pool. His high buns are like a red flag to a bull, and the bull in question is Paddy O’Brian, who rises from the depths of the pool, with a hard on. They make eye contact. Paddy aims his beer can cock in Edin’s direction and it’s instantly sheathed in Eden’s warm mouth. While Edin works his jaws to accommodate Paddy’s hugeness, Paddy kneads Edin’s smooth plump buns, his fingers probing the crack, seeking the heat within. In a flash, Edin is on his back. His balls and hard cock glisten. Edin is naturally brown, full-lipped, smooth and toned. Paddy is brown from the sun, packed with hard muscle and a bit of body hair. His cock has gained entrance to Edin’s hole and he’s sawing back and forth in smooth, rhythmic strokes that curl Edin’s toes. With a sloppy kiss,Paddy turns Edin over and enters him from behind, plundering his hole while raining down sweat until he’s ready to erupt in fireworks of jism, soon followed by the extra thick eruption that bursts from Edin’s cock.