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Ray Diaz And Levi Madison Dvd Cover

Ray Diaz And Levi Madison

En vedette Levi Madison, Ray Diaz

Catégories Butts, Cum shots, Masturbation, Oral sex, Outdoor sex, Spitting

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  • 7/10

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Members Exclusive : Ray Diaz, Levi Madison

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Falcon Studios
En vedette Ray Diaz, Levi Madison

Roguishly handsome New Falcon Exclusive Ray Diaz and sexy, slim Levi Madison exchange gentle kisses and loving glances on the front porch. The sweet make out session quickly turns into a passionate exchange. Ray and Levi can’t hold back the yearning as their kissing boosts to another level of intensity and they begin to excitedly grope each other’s hard cocks before their clothes start flying off. Their firm bodies and their hard cocks are totally engaged as Levi takes to his knees to swallow Ray’s stiff, dark member. Clearly Levi is a fan of Ray’s dark meat, giving it a full kneeling “O”vation while grasping onto Ray’s spectacular low hanging sack. Levi’s stunning cock makes it out of his shorts, and strokes it while gulping on Ray’s delicious piece. Ray sits back on the patio furniture stroking his hefty hard on while he expertly slurps down on Levi’s massive dick, taking it go the base and allowing Levi to fuck his mouth hard. Ray continues to take the Levi’s relentless plunges down his throat like a seasoned pro, reveling in every moment as he strokes his cock faster and harder until he sprays a spectacular load all over, which motivates Levi to shoot streams onto Ray’s face and mouth!