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Mikey Mike with Toy Dvd Cover

Mikey Mike with Toy

En vedette Mikey Mike

Catégories Bodybuilder, Solo scene, Tattoos, Underwear

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  • 7/10

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Mikey Mike with Toy

Mikey Mike with Toy : Mikey Mike

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Falcon Str8Men
En vedette Mikey Mike

Mikey Mike is one hot sexy biker dude. He's confident, cocky and has the goods to prove it - his thick uncut cock and pendulous balls. No one would ever deny his irresistible charm, along with that sly grin and mischievous twinkle in his eye. He's been here before, liked what he did and wants to do it again - this time with a dildo.Mikey Mike knows how to get our attention. Beautiful and naked, he stretches his asscheeks wide apart to show us his bunghole and big cojones. He slaps his asscheeks, then starts stroking himself to get hard. He grabs the butt plug and slides it up his ass - in and out in a steady rhythm. He moves around a lot, trying to figure out what contorted position will enhance the toe-curling sensation even more. Whatever works for him works for us as we ogle his hungry ass eating up the latex plug. Hey, Mikey likes it! Quickly nearing climax, he pulls the plug out and finishes by wanking himself off, grunting hard and heavy until he shoots his load.