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Man Up

Man Up : Spencer Reed

  • Mis à jour le : 2011-01-02 |
  • Longueur : 10:41 min |
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  • Cote : 10 out of 10
En vedette Spencer Reed
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Rating : 10 out of 10

There’s something big and thick throbbing inside Spencer Reed’s trousers and he’s anxious and horny enough to address it. The big muscled stud unbuckles his belt and pulls out his cock — a pretty impressive piece of artillery that requires a lot of attention. With a stranglehold around the engorged shaft, Spencer strokes up and down. He works his hand non-stop, accelerating both the action and the tension churning deep within his loins. A pinch on the nipples, a tickle up his ass and the constant jerking off finally pays off with an explosion of cum all over.