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Man Up

Man Up : Shane Frost

  • Mis à jour le : 2011-01-08 |
  • Longueur : 10:12 min |
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  • Cote : 10 out of 10
En vedette Shane Frost
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Rating : 10 out of 10

Shane Frost finally gets some downtime and he knows exactly how he’s gonna spend it. Masturbation is the ticket for a wild ride to horndog heaven; it’s fun and easy. Shane likes the way it feels, grabbing his dick and stroking it to its full length and hardness. He can’t help but moan and sigh as he jacks himself off with repeated tugs. He has no one but himself to worry about as he works his cock back and forth. He knows what speed to go and how to intensify the sensations until he finally and excitedly shoots his wad.