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Landon Conrad Fucks Dominic Pacifico Dvd Cover

Landon Conrad Fucks Dominic Pacifico

En vedette Dominic Pacifico, Landon Conrad

Catégories Oral sex, Tattoos

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  • 5/10

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When you pair up a relative newcomer with a seasoned pro and the adrenaline's pumping, the juices are flowing ... just watch out and let 'er rip! Landon's second outing, this time with Dominic, will get you all twitchy and creamin' in your jeans.

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Landon Conrad Fucks Dominic Pacifico

Landon Conrad Fucks Dominic Pacifico : Dominic Pacifico, Landon Conrad

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Falcon Str8Men
Catégories Oral sex, Tattoos

Landon's all-American clean-cut look is the perfect counterpoint to Dominic's swarthy handsomeness. We can debate which stud is hotter, but it really doesn't matter. They are one of the more beautiful couples populating this series and we are so grateful they're here. The fellas trade off sucking cock, each one working hard to drive the other to the dizzying heights of ecstasy. Then Landon gets down to rim Dominic's asshole and knosh on his balls -- all this in preparation for what's to follow. Once Landon determines that Dominic is primed and ready, he slams his big whopper up his buttcrack. Dominic is luxuriating in the overwhelming sensation of having Landon's big dick churning in his ass; his heavy grunts confirm his pleasure. Then after more rapid power thrusts, Landon rips off his condom and both hunks gush torrents of cum.