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Jesse Jordan And Lee Paine Dvd Cover

Jesse Jordan And Lee Paine

En vedette Jesse Jordan, Lee Paine

Catégories Masturbation, Oral sex

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  • 5/10

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Members Exclusive : Jesse Jordan, Lee Paine

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Falcon Exclusive Oral Scenes
En vedette Jesse Jordan, Lee Paine
Catégories Oral sex, Masturbation

Milky-skinned Jesse Jordan and tall, ripped and hung Lee Paine are in the middle of heavy, naked make out session, when Jesse decides to up the ante. He goes down on Lee’s hefty downward -curved cock. On all fours and showing off his sexy ass, Jesse takes all that Lee has to give, throating the hot tool. Turnabout is fair play, and Jesse lies back to get orally service by Lee. Jesse is packing too, and Lee gets right down to business sucking and jerking on Jesse’s thick and stiff staff. Engaging in a little ass teasing while he works on Jesse’s swollen member, Lee’s really pushing all the right buttons in between Jesse’s wide-spread legs. Jesse starts jerking himself off while Lee massages his hole. It’s not long before he shoots streams of cum so powerful that some lands on his face. Lee quickly follows showering Jesse with multiple surges of spooge.