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En vedette Andrew Jakk, Brandon Jones, Jesse Santana, Tommy Defendi

Catégories Anal Sex, Butt play, Butts, Cum shots, foreskin, Poilu, Masturbation, Oral sex, Outdoor sex, Lechage d'anus

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  • 5/10

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Escape into the new world of hot All-American studs, as this cast of eight young bucks goes at it with the intensity and passion. Filled with hot pairings like Brandon Lewis and Marcus Mojo, Exclusive Jesse Santana and Brandon Jones, and Tommy Defendi and Exclusive Andrew Jakk, Escape will take you on a non-stop sex-athon: the newest sex-crammed video from the reinvigorated Jocks Studios There’s no escapin’ the hot action our cast of eight generate right here!

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Escape : Tommy Defendi, Andrew Jakk

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Jocks Studios

Tommy Defendi and Andrew Jakk wake up in bed and begin their day with an animated run of manly kisses. Andrew then dives under the covers to begin breakfasting on his bedmate’s hefty sausage, sending Tommy reeling with excitement. Tommy kicks the quilt back so overcome by the wild unrestrained sensations of having his cock massaged by Andrew’s hungry lips and expert tongue. He reaches out for his partner’s asshole and tickles it with his fingers before he gets his turn to go down on Andrew. They alternate cocksucking duties, revving each other up for more intense man-action. Then growling with satisfaction and fevered desire, Tommy gets behind Andrew and fucks him up the ass. They try different positions, fucking non-stop until they separate and lay down alongside each other, each man stroking his cock furiously. Tommy is the first to cum shooting his load into his mouth. And Andrew responds with huge shots of jism dotting his stomach.

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Escape : Brandon Jones, Jesse Santana

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Jocks Studios

Overwhelmed with the romantic setting, Brandon Jones and Jesse Santana kiss and quickly get naked. Soon Jesse’s mouth is clamped onto Brandon’s big dick, servicing the swollen pole with a ferocity that has them both grunting with excitement. Jesse just can’t get enough man meat, and he licks and swallows the entire shaft, then gnaws away on the mushroom tip. He begins playing with Brandon’s ass spreading his cheeks apart and then digging in deep with his tongue and a few probing fingers. Then Jesse fucks Brandon’s hole fast and furious, his thighs slapping Brandon’s flanks loudly. They gyrate against each other in a sexual syncopation that barely bridles their ever-increasing lust. Squatting onto Jesse’s hot rod and bouncing up and down like a well-greased piston; Brandon grabs ahold of his own cock and beats off until he shoots. Climbing off, he kisses his partner’s ripped stomach and the geyser of gooey man cream that Jesse lets rip outta his piss-slit.