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Dylan Roberts Sucks Jed Athens Dvd Cover

Dylan Roberts Sucks Jed Athens

En vedette Dylan Roberts, Jed Athens

Catégories Butts, Cum shots, foreskin, Oral sex, Lechage d'anus, Tattoos, Tit play

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  • 7/10

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Member Exclusive : Dylan Roberts, Jed Athens

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Handsome Jed Athens passionately licks up and down Dylan Roberts well-formed gymnast’s chest and abs, getting him worked up. Jed’s tongue works down until he removes Dylan’s boxers. Dylan’s hefty, uncut cock pops out and Jed wraps his lips around it immediately. Jed gulps on Dylan’s meat and plays with his foreskin and balls, getting Dylan worked up considerably. Jed isn’t only into Dylan’s cock, he wants his ass too, and he turns Dylan around so he can deliver an award-winning rim job to his willing partner. Jed’s long tongue digs deep and Dylan moans and groans appreciatively with each stroke as his tasty ass gets a workout. Jed’s huge cock is fully erect now and Dylan goes down on it to return the favor, slurping feverishly and deep-throating the hung stud with the wide cock. The sucking has Dylan edging and he squeezes a hot load, and Jed answers by emptying the contents of his balls onto Dylan’s chest.