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D.O. And Marc Dylan Dvd Cover

D.O. And Marc Dylan

En vedette D.O., Marc Dylan

Catégories Athletics, Cum shots, foreskin, Masturbation, Oral sex, Underwear

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  • 5/10

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Members Exclusive : D.O., Marc Dylan

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En vedette D.O., Marc Dylan

Hot, ripped stud Marc Dylan has his lips wrapped around the massive cock of superstar D.O. Marc is absolutely worshipping D.O.'s stunning member with his mouth. With a cock like D.O.'s, who wouldn't want to savor it in every way? Swallowing it to the base and taking it like a champion, Marc strokes his hot joystick. These two lean and sculpted, exquisite specimens are fully engaged as Marc gets on all fours so D.O. can fuck Marc's mouth, as streams of saliva pour out of Marc's mouth. D.O.'s fiery passion and his equally handsome partner moves him to repay the oral favor and go down quickly on Marc. Taking Marc deep in his throat, D.O. quickly gets Marc so excited that he shoots a load onto D.O.'s washboard abs. D.O. strokes and sprays his cum on Marc's shoulder and chest!