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En vedette DJ

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DJ was supposed to be doing this scene with a partner, but the other guy didn't show up. No big deal 'cuz DJ is a trooper, determined not to disappoint. So here's his solo. This should keep his girlfriend happy ... sort of.

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Falcon Str8Men
En vedette DJ

DJ unzips his trousers and fishes out his cock. That's one big slab of salami, as it emerges already hard and screaming for attention. DJ strokes it lovingly, pulling the foreskin up over the tip and letting it slide back and forth. This is feeling good. DJ then pulls his balls out and cups them gently before he strips down completely, stepping out of his pants and shorts. Now he has easy access to his jewels. I can't help but think of the balcony scene and what Romeo uttered when he saw Juliet resting her face against her hand, 'O, that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek!' Oh boy, do I know what he meant. I am so feeling it as DJ strokes his chubby club, running his fist up and down the shaft, slow and sure, then faster and faster, and faster still, building in cadence until he finds relief with a massive load of cum. Ah, 'tis sheer poetry.