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Charlie Harding And Dylan Roberts Dvd Cover

Charlie Harding And Dylan Roberts

En vedette Calvin Koons, Charlie Harding, Dylan Roberts, Johnny Ryder, Spencer Fox, Tanner Wayne

Catégories Anal Sex, Butts, Cum shots, foreskin, Masturbation, Oral sex, Lechage d'anus, Tattoos

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  • 7/10

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Charlie Harding Fucks Dylan Roberts

Charlie Harding Fucks Dylan Roberts : Dylan Roberts, Charlie Harding

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Spencer Fox Fucks Calvin Koons

Spencer Fox Fucks Calvin Koons : Spencer Fox, Calvin Koons

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Tasty, muscled Spencer Fox and handsome Calvin Coons are clothed and making out on the sofa in their loft. Spencer’s huge cock pops out of his underwear and Calvin can’t get out of his clothes fast enough. As Calvin’s dick comes out, Spencer is slurping on it right away, and Calvin gets right on Spencer’s massive boner. Spencer spreads his legs wide open inviting Calvin to take turns between rimming him and sucking his tool. Deepthroating Spencer, Calvin bends over and offers up his tight, sweet hole for Spencer to eat, finger and fuck. After getting Calvin primed and ready, Spencer goes in for a deep plunge, driving his rock hard cock deep inside stroke after powerful stroke that Calvin takes willingly. Sitting down, Spencer offers his cock up for a ride by Calvin, who immediately jumps on board and mounts Spencer’s hefty piece. From here on out it is an expert cock riding display – Calvin is like a rodeo rockstar hitting it cowboy and reverse cowboy until he shoots his load on his leg and quickly gets on his knees so Spencer can shoot multiple spurts of jizz on Calvin’s face and in his mouth.

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Johnny Ryder Fucks Tanner Wayne

Johnny Ryder Fucks Tanner Wayne : Johnny Ryder, Tanner Wayne

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Johnny Ryder comes down the stairs to greet his statuesque man, Tanner Wayne, with a passionate make out session. These two towers of manhood lock lips and lick each other’s sculpted, tanned bodies with a fervor until Tanner unwraps the growing package that’s under Johnny’s jeans. Tanner instantly wraps his lips around Johnny’s stiff inviting cock after it’s released. Johnny’s cock is at full mast when he moves around to service Tanner’s hole with an intense tongue bath. He probes deeply with his wet mouth muscle, before he delivers his hefty cock deep into Tanner from behind, making Tanner’s wide, hard dick bounce with each thrust. Johnny accentuates the pounding he’s giving to Tanner’s hole with occasional smacks to his hot round ass. Johnny sits back on the steps so Tanner can ride his cock reverse cowboy, which gets both of them to the edge, and they finish themselves off squeezing out hefty loads.