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Big Wood

Big Wood : Zac Blake

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En vedette Zac Blake
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  • 8.8/10
Rating : 8.8 out of 10

Stripped down to his tighty whities, Zac Blake strokes his cock. His briefs can barely contain his already engorged love muscle so he shakes them off and really goes to town on himself. Zac gets up and bends over to expose his ass. He teases his hole and plunges a couple of fingertips inside; then he returns to work on his slender smooth dick. Zac's hand glides easily up and down his pole as he massages and kneads it. He is lost in the sensations he's creating and he relaxes, eyes closed, head tilted back while his hand continues flying back and forth the shaft in a rapid rhythm causing him to finally explode with cum.

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