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Alec with Toy

Alec with Toy : Alec

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  • Longueur : 07:34 min |
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  • 7.7/10
Rating : 7.7 out of 10

Alec looks like a hunky version of that tennis ace from Spain, with his tousled hair, roguish look and edible cocky attitude. But instead of wielding a big racquet, our boy wonder has his huge uncut club to bat around. He may not appeal to everyone's taste, but you can't deny the rolling muscles of his gorgeous physique. He quickly strips down and we drown in all his fleshy glory. Bonus points for the close-up shot of his juicy pink asshole! Anyway, this European jock is back with us to play with a cock pump. Once he's settled, he lubricates the rubbery rim of the cylinder, making it easy for him to slide his oiled-up cock inside. With his engorged tool now stuffed inside, he squeezes the pump. His swollen cock gets bigger and bigger, filling the the plastic tube entirely. The desired result is instantaneous and being totally aroused and ready to blow, Alec pulls the pump off and quickly jerks his throbbing meat, climaxing with explosive spurts of mancream.

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