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Calvin Koons And Evan Mercy

Members Exclusive : Calvin Koons, Evan Mercy

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En vedette Calvin Koons, Evan Mercy
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  • 3.3/10
Rating : 3.3 out of 10

Calvin Coons and Evan Mercy were nude and making out hard and heavy, when they almost got caught by a party guest. They hid, but now the coast is clear, and these two athletic studs emerge from their hiding spots to pick back up where they left off before they were interrupted. Evan’s the first one to make a move as he does down on Calvin’s thick meat. An avid cocksucker, Evan really gets into it and works his hot mouth over Calvin’s balls and dick, while he strokes his own. Calvin wants to take the action to the bed, and he wants to swallow Evan’s long, stiff stick. Giving his mouth over, Calvin allows Evan to fuck his throat. They both love sucking cock so much that they position themselves for a spectacular and intense 69 session that culminates in them both unleashing their loads.

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