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Dominic Sol And Spencer Fox

Members Exclusive : Dominic Sol, Spencer Fox

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En vedette Dominic Sol, Spencer Fox
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  • 7.6/10
Rating : 7.6 out of 10

Ripped Spencer Fox dangles his thick huge cock in Dominic Sol’s handsome face and Dominic can’t wait to wrap his lips around it. Spencer doesn’t get to toy with Dominic for very long, because the hot stud wants that cock bad. It’s not long before Dominic’s swallowing the whole thing, throating it and letting Spencer fuck his mouth relentlessly while he’s splayed out showing off his hot ass. It’s no long before the two engage in some smoking 69 action after Dominic lays on his back and lets Spencer drop his cock into his mouth. Spencer gets into sucking off Dominic and he begins fingering his hole while he buries his cock in Dominic’s mouth and engulfs Dominic’s dick. After eating Spencer’s ass for a bit, Dominic opens up to get his mouth fucked some more, which turns him on so much he shoots load all over his chest. Fucking Dominic’s mouth pushes Spencer over the edge and he shoots on Dominic’s face.