Flashpoint: Hot As Hell

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Flashpoint:  Hot As Hell

Flashpoint: Hot As Hell : Trent Reed, Bryce Colby

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En vedette Trent Reed, Bryce Colby
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  • 9.4/10
Rating : 9.4 out of 10

Motorcyclist Bryce Colby, still in his helmet, bends over the hood of a car waiting for musclebound Trent Reed to service and open his ass. Trent shooves four fingers deep into Bryce's butt. Eager to stretch Bryce wider, Trent shoves a thick black dildo all the way in over and over again. Still unsatisfied with Bryce's workout, Trent grabs a traffic cone and Bryce sits down on it repeatedly...stretching his ass nice and wide for the final fisting to come.