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From: Stew
Categorías Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: Curly-haired Stew hails from Boston. He is 23 years old and loves sex with the ladies. He was just 14 or 15 when he and his first girlfriend started experimenting. He got hooked! Stripping down to his snug boxer-briefs, he displays a hefty package. He sheds his shorts and damn, he is one hot naked man! He's got great pecs, his skin is smooth and flawless, and the manscaping makes his dick look even bigger. He strokes his cock, pulls on his balls, clenches his ass cheeks and jerks off. He's all over the place - on the table, on the couch, sticking his fingers up his hairy asshole, working it harder, working himself into a frenzy. His gasps quicken and he cums - each shot of jism complimented with satisfied sighs as it punctuates the air.


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