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From: Ryan
Video Description: Ryan is a 20-year-old mophead from Detroit. Another straight boy with a girlfriend, another virgin to porn, but with his pistons all fired up, he's ready to show us what he's got. He looks kinda goofy at first, yet under all that hair, he's got a really good build - well-defined abs which compliment those nicely muscled arms. Okay, he's kinda cute. Ryan strips down and he's ready for action. He begins to jerk off. Eyes closed, he works himself up into an intense state. He's on his back, then on his knees, exposing his hairy ass to the camera. He continues stroking himself, marking the time with gasps and sighs. Then sitting back, he grimaces and smiles as he nears climax. He finally declares he's gonna cum and boy, does he deliver.


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