High Tide

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Video Description: Relaxing on a remote black sand beach, Matthew Anders lies back, soaking in the sunlight. Muscled blond jock Jeremy Penn spies Matthew on the sand. Jeremy impulsively blankets Matthew's body with his own, then pulls Matthew up and into the surf. Standing naked in the shimmering water, their passion churns and swells like the surf surrounding them. Matthew finds himself drawn irrepressibly toward Jeremy's stiff erect cock, worshipping it from the cleft of the tip down to the gentle curve of Jeremy's full, protruding balls. Soon Matthew is devoting his attention to Jeremy's firm round ass...spreading his cheeks and probing Jeremy's hole with an insistent tongue...transporting Jeremy into a highly charged erotic state. The two relocate to an igneous outcropping and Jeremy slides his aching cock deep into Matthew's hole. Jeremy forcefully and rhythmically fucks Matthew until the delectable ache of orgasm expands, triggering an explosion of pearly ropes which adorns Matthew's back.