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From: Dallas
Video Description: What's the skinny on Dallas and why does this 21-year-old Los Angeleno remind me of a Mother Goose character? He's a good-looking kid, tall and lanky, with an oddly familiar something about him.After checking out the Falcon Str8Men site (which he thought was hot) he decided it would be a fun experience shaking his money-maker on camera. Never having done anything like this before, he's here now, ready to entertain.Dallas is slight and willowy; his arms are slim and spidery, his build tight and lean. With his slender fingers, he massages his long cock. He is methodical as he strokes up and down the length of his tool, building steadily until he gets all flushed, ready to bust a nut. He gasps as he finally shoots! Definitely an entertaining experience - for him and for us - as he grins slyly to close the deal!Oh yeah ... he looks like a modern-day Jack Sprat. Skinny can be nice like our boy Dallas! And who'd ever pass up this tall drink of water?


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