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From: Contact
Video Description: Tristan Jaxx and Alexy Tyler wrestle to determine which one is the best. They grapple and twist around, muscles straining, energy intense. Alexy wins but Tristan vows to fuck his ass. They slip out of their singlets ready for action. Alexy has the right moves as he subdues Tristan, down on the mat, flat on his back, dick exposed and ready for sucking. Alexy is a dynamo gobbling up his opponent's cock and balls, before the trusty Tristan finally gets a hold of Alexy's dick and the two jocks 69. Alexy mounts Tristan still sucking away while Tristan eats his ass. Then Alexy is down on his back and Tristan sucks him off driving him crazy. Tristan then plugs Alexy's hole so hard, he makes him whimper until he cums across his belly. Tristan pulls out and strokes himself until he shoots his wad.