Bronc Rider

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Categorías Anal Sex, pre condom, oral sex
Video Description: Manhandler: You've seen Michael Delfino before, and he's turned you on by showing you what a young stud with a beautiful body can do to get himself off, but his new film reveals that he also knows what to do when there is another hot stud around. Almost from the start Michael can't seem to get enough action from Dirk's muscular body, thick cock and cum-filled balls. Even before Dirk is undressed, Michael hungrily begins sucking and licking and soon Dirk's cock is hard and wet as he plunges it into the willing mouth Michael offers. After Dirk's heavy face-fucking Michael can't wait to feel the heat of Dirk's cock sliding up into his moist warm man hole. What follos is a fucking that only a stud like Dirk knows how to give.