Tough Terrain

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Video Description: With the coastal fog beginning to roll in, Jason Andrews hits the beach for some exercise. His seaside gymnastics catches Kip Harting's eye and the two immediately hookup for a more aerobic drill. They sneak into a hidden cove where they gingerly explore each other's muscular physiques. They kiss and caress tenderly; every touch causing their cocks to stiffen more and grow fuller. The men start 69ing, sucking cock down like pros; and then take turns eating ass as the white caps rise and crash on the shore. Jason burrows his pretty prick deep into Kip's anxious hole and pumps away with the tempo of the tide. Breathing faster and faster their bodies rise and crash with each deep thrust. Kip moans with pleasure as Jason fucks his hole until his thunderous explosion of cum brings them both crashing over the brink.