Dean Tucker

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Video Description: Dean Tucker is one cute furball worth choking on. He's a dynamo with muscles, rugged good looks, pierced nipples and a blanket of hair covering his chest and belly. He reaches inside his jeans, pulls out his cock and starts to stroke it hard. He knows he gives a good show as he starts to vigorously polish his knob and finger-fuck his blushing asshole. Dean is working his dick so hard and diddling his hole so much, his entire body reddens with all the exertion. He pulls his meat, slaps it, throttles it, squeezes it hard. Fingering his hole and cupping his balls, he continues beating off until he finally explodes, grunting each drop out. And as he lays there, spent and exhausted, craving some protein, he picks up beads of spooge and licks his fingers clean.


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