Derrek Diamond With Toy

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Video Description: First off, I gotta say that Derrek Diamond is staggeringly handsome. And then there's his flawless physique and big big cock. He's a human lighting bolt radiating all this sexual energy. So getting to watch another Derrek Diamond scene on Falcon Str8Men, we know we're guaranteed a good time. We've lined up a couple of shiny metal anal intruders that would give most people pause. I mean, latex ass-toys are fun, but these shiny metal ones are even better. The plug and dildo were designed for more prominant anal stimulation; they're rigid and firm, smooth and satisfying, and Derrek works hard to prove it. He jacks his dick to firnmess and then, with the silver plug wedged high up his asshole, he bucks back and forth as if electrified. The bigger cylindrical dildo looks like it would hurt, but for Derrek, it's pure pained pleasure as he slides it deep inside, tickling and teasing his prostate -- until he finally cums and blasts jizz all over himself.


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