Brice with Toy

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Video Description: Cutie-pie Brice is back, sporting a new tattoo, a silver piercing in his eyebrow, and all awash with the excitement of ramming something up his ass. He readies himself by stroking himself until he's hard, then opens the sidetable drawer to pull out a manrammer and some lube. He finds that it's not that bad or uncomfortable yet quickly titillating as he slides the latex pole deep inside his hole while he continues to jack off. Brice makes quick work of it and shoots his load, pleased and smiling like the Cheshire Cat. And that new tattoo? Lyrics from the Dave Matthews Band: 'And if I die, before my time, Oh sweet sister of mine, do not regret me if I die.' Hey, Brice, no regrets. You kill me, Babe.


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