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From: Darren
Video Description: Darren is our original Jersey boy - dark-haired, cute, 25 years old with a great body. He looks anxious and shy but he's here to show off - and who are we to stop him? To help this novice exhibitionist relax, we shoot the shit and talk a bit. Intresting fact: he and his girlfriend Leelee like to fuck doggie style.Darren's nervousness is really cute and makes you wonder why a hetero like him is so willing to get naked and shake his moneymaker in front of another guy. After we got him to relax, he quickly worked himself up to firmness. Watching his incredible body as it gyrates in a sensual rhythm and as he works his fist faster we can see how each stroke elicits a heavy sigh from him (and us). When Darren finally unloads it's pretty certain that he definitely enjoyed himself.


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