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From: Rimshot
Video Description: Sean Carrera walks into the locker room and discovers Mark Andrews playing with his cock and caressing his muscled body. Soon Sean's devouring every inch of the big dick with his hungry mouth. Mark turns around on the locker room bench and Sean grabs his engorged dick and sucks the handsome jock from behind. Mark is driven by a crazed ravenous desire to suck on Sean's beautiful hard dick. He stuffs his mouth full with cock and drives Sean into sexual frenzy. Sean's gorgeous butt is ready for the taking and Mark begins to finger the prized quarry which is just beyond the milk whitebuttocks. With Sean panting from sensual exhiliration, Mark plows his rock hard cock into Sean's inviting hole. Mark overwhelms the stud, his washboard stomach rippling with each heavy thrust. Mark forces Sean over to a locker bank and ruthlessly fucks him, pounding him until both men release their pent up energy in streams of cum.