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From: Vic
Video Description: Who is that mysterious stranger with that tightly muscled physique and that charming foreign accent? It's Vic and he's here to jerk his kielbasa on film for the first time ever. He states that he's not nervous and quite calm about masturbating on camera; but his comrade is so excited, he asked Vic for a recorded copy of this session. Thank goodness for glasnost! (That's Russian for 'practice of being public'). We're excited too! I gotta tell you: This Slavic cock-slinger really gets into it. He grabs his meaty sausage and strokes it hard. In no time at all, his breathing becomes quick and short, he's sucking for air. He pinches his perky tits, runs his hand across his tasty pecs, then fingers his hole and cups his balls -- doing everything to titilate and enhance the pleasure. Soon the heavy panting becomes excited gasps and grunts, and when Vic finally shoots his load, it's a heavy helping of Russian cream spilling all over his rippled belly.


  • Vic Kovak Picture

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