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Rhodes' Rules Part 2 Dvd Cover

Rhodes' Rules Part 2

En actuacion Adam Killian, Samuel Colt

Categorías Anal Sex, Boots, Butts, Cum shots, Jockstraps, Cuero, Masturbación, Oral sex, Rimming, Sex clubs

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  • 5/10

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Rhodes' Rules Part 2

Rhodes' Rules Part 2 : Adam Killian, Samuel Colt

  • Actualizada el : 05-09-2012 |
  • Fotos : 9 |
  • Vistas : 7104 |
  • Puntaje : 8.6 out of 10
Mustang Studios
En actuacion Adam Killian, Samuel Colt

Waiting to see who’ll fly into his airspace, Samuel Colt tweaks his tits and plays with his cock and balls. His dick shaft is pierced on the underside, just below the mushroom tip, with a sizeable hole from his Prince Albert. Superstud Adam Killian is smitten and can’t keep his eyes, hands or mouth off of the big man. All that tongue travelling and fevered deepthroating excite both men and generate more play with Samuel giving as good as he gets. He starts sucking Adam’s dick, then pokes his manhole with a finger. Then he rams his face between Adam’s round asscheeks to rim the cleft before he jams his hot rod in and out. Adam takes as much as he can until he finally cums. Then he cradles Samuel in his arms so the big hunk can stroke himself to climax. But that’s not all Samuel’s got as he stands close to Adam and empties his bladder all over him, shooting 2 strong jets of urine — one out of his piss slit and the other from the unblocked piercing below the mushroom tip.