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Fit For Service

Fit For Service : Drew Cutler

  • Puesto al dia : 2010-07-19 |
  • Longitud : 09:54 min |
  • Tamaño : 111 MB |
  • Imágenes : 1 |
  • Vistas : 694 |
  • Puntaje : 10 out of 10
En actuacion Drew Cutler
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Rating : 10 out of 10

Stripped down to his regulation skivvies Drew Cutler decides to free his cock and balls. He fishes them out and by sheer muscle strength has his dick dancing to and fro. He grabs a hold of his big sausage and starts to stroke it. Then he pulls off his top and tweaks his tits while he continues jacking off. He plays with the drops of pre-cum oozing outta his piss slit, then sheds his boxers so he can continue masturbating without wearing anything that might restrict his enjoyment of the act. His hand pumps his cock faster and faster, almost becoming a blur; but it's clear what he's going for. And finally, after more cock wrenching, Drew finally unloads and cums.