Deep In Hot Water

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Deep In Hot Water

Deep In Hot Water : Brad Phillips, Rex Chandler

  • Puesto al dia : 2006-02-01 |
  • Longitud : 16:44 min |
  • Tamaño : 194 MB |
  • Imágenes : 12 |
  • Vistas : 4186 |
  • Puntaje : 10 out of 10
En actuacion Brad Phillips, Rex Chandler
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Rating : 10 out of 10

Brad Phillips returns early from a business trip...surprising a lusty and wandering Rex Chandler...and the two men rekindle their desire. Brad's been missing Rex's thick cock and he enjoys a good long session of hard sucking and deep throat action while he plays with his cock. Rex wants to feel Brad's ass and Brad is eager to feel that thick stick buried deep. In a variety of positions Rex pounds Brad's ass until both men have unleashed thick ropes of hot cum.

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