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Aaron : Aaron

  • Actualizada el : 07-03-2008 |
  • Fotos : 1 |
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  • Puntaje : 9.5 out of 10
Falcon Str8Men
En actuacion Aaron

If we could succeed with Weird Science and create our perfect boyfriend - Aaron would be the prime result! Handsome face; beautifully sculpted body, bedroom eyes, killer smile, and a dick to die for. Then we'd mark him with a mole right above his lips where we could start planting kisses and then take it from there to eat him all up.Like a lot of the other newcomers to this site, Aaron is excited and nervous. He lets us know that he has a girlfriend (Damn!) and he just loves eating her pussy. (Double damn!) Anyway, let's scratch that image out of our minds and concentrate on this studmuffin as he strips down, exposing great washboard abs. He runs his hands across his smooth skin, rubs his chest, grabs his tits, then slides his hand down the front of his pants. He drops his trousers to liberate his already erect cock and he's off to the races. Watching him masturbate is such a treat; he just oozes sex. And then this gorgeous tease rewards us as he shoots thick gobs of goo, inviting us to just lick it all up.