Josh & Brice - Buddy Jerk-Off

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Josh & Brice - Buddy Jerk-Off

Josh & Brice - Buddy Jerk-Off : Brice, Josh

  • Puesto al dia : 2008-03-10 |
  • Longitud : 07:11 min |
  • Tamaño : 81 MB |
  • Imágenes : 1 |
  • Vistas : 1403 |
  • Puntaje : 6.7 out of 10
En actuacion Brice, Josh
Categorías Masturbación
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  • 6.7/10
Rating : 6.7 out of 10

Brice is laying naked on the bed looking as adorable as can be while he jerks himself off. Josh comes in and sits on the side. He begins to jack off. His horsedick is hard and flushed. He then reaches back to grab Brice's cock and pleasure him. The guys are loving it and quickly lose themselves in this mutual and erotic reverie. They continue to masturbate, Josh working both cocks until they finally climax - Brice ejaculating across his belly, followed by Josh who shoots his load down the side of the bed. Both smile a bit sheepishly, then hit the shower. Huddled together in this tiled cocoon, there's no foolin' around as they lather each other up like the good buddies they are, all the while still smiling.

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