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Ringside : Patrik Staw, Mario Cooper

  • Puesto al dia : 2009-07-07 |
  • Longitud : 17:44 min |
  • Tamaño : 189 MB |
  • Imágenes : 6 |
  • Vistas : 806 |
  • Puntaje : 7.3 out of 10
En actuacion Patrik Staw, Mario Cooper
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  • 7.3/10
Rating : 7.3 out of 10

Round 2: In the weight room, Patrik Staw spies another set of equipment he’d rather work on, namely Mario Cooper’s thick staff and hefty balls. He immediately dives onto that plump dick and sucks away with ease. And Mario’s just as hungry for cock that he goes down on his buddy enjoying every inch of his stiff rod. Patrik grows delirious with Mario’s oral expertise, then gets behind him to spear his hairy ass with his pole. He pumps away vigorously. Both men are sighing and breathing heavily before they finally climax and cum.