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Desert Getaway, Scene #03 Coming Soon Desert Getaway

Desert Getaway

Starring Ryan Rose, JJ Knight

It's too windy to be outdoors, so JJ Knight relaxes on the couch, passing time by surfing the web. Ryan Rose sits down next to him and closes the laptop: he knows a better way to kill time. He leans in for a kiss. Their tall, muscular bodies intertwine in a passionate embrace. Ryan rips off his shirt, and JJ does the same. Sliding off JJ's shorts, Ryan pulls out JJ's throbbing boner and slicks it ...

  • Premieres On : 08-12-2016 |
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Sexflix And Chill Dvd Cover

Sexflix And Chill

Starring : Brenner Bolton, Carter Dane, Jack Hunter, JJ Knight, Ryan Rose, Sebastian Kross

Plot summary:

'Sexflix and Chill'? Getting some hot action is as easy as sending a quick text with this question, popping in a hot movie and letting the action take over. Director Steve Cruz shows you what happens when eight gorgeous, horny hunks get together to 'Sexflix and Chill.' Brenner Bolton interrupts JJ Knight's webcam session for a real-life encounter with JJ's giant, hole-stretching cock. With all this action, all you have to do is invite over a buddy or two, put on 'Sexflix and Chill' and hit it hard.

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Updated on : 07-29-2016