Basic Plumbing 2

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Video Description: Christopher Scott's kitchen sink is backed up and Mike Branson arrives to tackle the problem. Under the sink Mike gets soaked overflow and Christopher offers to launder his shirt so Mike pulls it off. Minutes later, Mike discovers Christopher sniffing the t-shirt and decides to give Christopher something more. Mike pulls out his cock and Christopher opens wide to suck it down. Mike teases him...pulling back and slapping his face before sliding his cock deep into Christopher's throat. The two studs rim each other before Mike slides his cock deep into Christopher's hole, pounding him with hard unforgiving thrusts. He grabs the waistband of Christopher's jockstrap and rides him like a bronco buster. Laying on their sides, Mike keeps up the non-stop fucking, burrowing his cock up Christopher's hole until he can't hold back any longer...then showering Christopher in his load.