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Snow Trip, Vol. 9 - Lake Tahoe Dvd Cover

Snow Trip, Vol. 9 - Lake Tahoe

  • Updated : 05-05-2009
  • | : 03:07:26
  • | : 6589

Categories Anal Sex, Group sex/orgies, masturbation, oral sex, rimming, tattoos, underwear


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In winter, some birds fly south for a warmer place; squirrels gather and store nuts to eat. Then you've got this wild bunch who hit Lake Tahoe to hole up and bust their nuts, feeding to their hearts' content.Road Trip #9 to Lake Tahoe is photographed so tight and up close you can practically smell the sex. The in-your-face shots make the cocks look meatier, the pendulous balls more edible, and the assholes so wet and inviting that all the suck'n'fuck action sizzles more intensely. It's a good thing the guys are doing it inside because their exploits are so hot and steamy, the snow outdside would melt and the deluge would flood the town.